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We are a group of friends who meet to enjoy virtual aviation

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It is a project that was born to offer the freedom that many of us desire in this exciting world of Virtual Aviation. Fly from wherever you want to wherever you want and with the aircraft you want, offline, in VATSIM or IVAO.
If you prefer, you can develop your career as a virtual pilot, doing a good management of your flights calculating weights and fuel, making good shots and making every flight more profitable. Economic management is the basis of an airline.
You create this company by contributing your concerns, ideas and knowledge so that we can all enjoy.

You already have your freedom.
Welcome aboard!!

Air Spain is a Virtual Airline that emulates the activity of a hypothetical aviation company through a flight simulator. Our philosophy is that each member creates or uses routes already created with the origin, destination and aircraft that you want. This airline will use the code XSNXXXX Air Spain for its virtual communications for its virtual flights.

You can make instrumental or visual flights, online or offline.

We offer you absolute freedom.

In the case of connecting to a network you are required to observe the rules of behavior and courtesy. If any member wishes to join the VATSIM network, we offer you the possibility to directly send the flight plan.

Home * Requirements to be part of Air Spain:
Home * Operations
Each route is planned exclusively for the selected aircraft as it provides passenger, cargo and fuel information required for the flight. If we want to make that route with a different aircraft we must create a new route with the corresponding data. The monitoring and reporting of the flight will be done with the program ASGAS which is free and is available in our download area. Home * Confidentiality
The personal data of any member are of a private nature, internal use and exclusively communicative purpose, as established in Law 15/1999, of December 13, on Data Protection. Home * Lowers
Any member of Air Spain can request their reduction by contacting any administrator in the email info@air-spain.es and will be effective immediately.

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Air Spain Conector

Air Spain Conector - Windows FS9/FSX//FSX-SE/P3D/X-PLANE (FSUIPC/XUIPC)
ASGAS - MAC X-PLANE (XPlaneConnect-Java)
ASGAS - LINUX/Windows X-PLANE (XPlaneConnect-Java)

Modo Carrera

Tutorial Modo Carrera
Tutorial Modo Carrera - Gestión de flota
Tutorial Modo Carrera - Estaciones de combustible

Texture A319 FSLABS A319 CFM - EC-ARB - Amalia
Texture A319 FSLABS A319 CFM - EC-HCB - Helena
Texture A320 Aerosoft A320 CFM NEO- EC-AAA - Las Palmas
Texture A320 FSLABS A320 CFM - EC-AAA - Las Palmas
Texture A320 FSLABS A320 CFM - EC-ECB - Elisa
Texture A320 FSLABS A320 CFM - EC-QTM - Toma dura, Toma segura
Texture A320 FSLABS A320 CFM - EC-ENF - Héroes
Texture A321 Aerosoft A321 CFM NEO- EC-OMS
Texture FSLABS A321 CFM EC-ACG - Timanfaya
Texture A321 Aerosoft A321 CFM NEO- EC-ABK - Ceuta
Texture B738 PMDG B738 W - EC-AAI - Málaga
Texture B738 PMDG B738 W - EC-AAG - Jaén
Texture B738 PMDG B738 W - EC-AAO - Granada
Texture B738 PMDG B738 W - EC-JAM - J. Adolfo Medina
Texture B738 PMDG B738 W - EC-SEV - Sevilla
Texture B738 PMDG B738 GXU - EC-SEV - Sevilla
Texture B738 PMDG B738 W - EC-VPM - Vicente Pérez Mateu
Texture B738 PMDG B738 W - EC-GSM - Guillermo Striddels
Texture B744 PMDG B744 ER - EC-ABM
Texture B744 PMDG B744 ER - EC-AAY - Ciudad Real
Texture B744 PMDG B744 ERF - EC-ABG - Cargo
Texture B788 QW B788 - EC-ABR
Texture B789 QW B789 - EC-ABT
Texture B789 QW B789 - EC-PAL - P'alante
Texture C172 A2A C172 - EC-AAF
Texture DH8D MJQ400 - EC-AAQ - Fuerteventura
Texture DH8D MJQ400 - EC-AAU - La Palma
Texture DH8D MJQ400 - EC-ACH Cargo - Tenerife
Texture MD80 MADDOG MD80 - EC-OMT - Perro rabioso
Texture A319 TOLISS A319 - EC-ABX
Texture A319 TOLISS A319 - EC-ARB - Amalia
Texture A319 TOLISS A319 - EC-HCB - Helena
Texture A320 JarDesign A320 - EC-AAA
Texture A321 Toliss A321 - EC-ABK - Ceuta
Texture A330 JarDesign A330 - EC-AAD - Navarra
Texture A330 JarDesign A330 - EC-AAX - León
Texture A350 Flight Factor A359 - EC-ABV - Ángel Alcaide
Texture A350 Flight Factor A359 - EC-JCM - José Castillo
Texture B190 Carenado B190 - EC-ABI
Texture B190 Carenado B190 - EC-ACC
Texture B190 Carenado B190 - EC-COR - ECCOR
Texture B190 Carenado B190 - EC-JCR
Texture B752 Flight Factor B752 - EC-AAV
Texture B763 Flight Factor B763 - EC-ABB
Texture B77L Flight Factor B77L - EC-AAM
Texture CRJ2 JRollon CRJ2 - EC-BCO
TextureMD80 Rotate MD80 - EC-OMT
Texture B738 ZIBO B738 - EC-SEV - Sevilla